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#Google AI's. This is the first time ever that a computer program “AlphaGo” has defeated a human professional player

iZAP 19:02 - Thu Jan 2016

Infrastructure as a service market Marketshare of #Amazon is 90%, #Microsoft is 5% and Rest of the 90% for google, IBM and other players.

iZAP 00:06 - Thu Jan 2016

RT @MaxCRoser: This is the first year that the world will spend more time online than watching TV. via https://t.c

iZAP 21:01 - Wed Jan 2016

#Docker Machine will help to automate your host provisioning and installation of docker Engine.

iZAP 18:17 - Tue Jan 2016

The #Docker is a #CaaS Platform. Container as a Service.

iZAP 18:09 - Tue Jan 2016

#Amazon has launched SSL/TLS certificates manager. If these provisioned through AWS Certificate Manager are free!

iZAP 21:19 - Mon Jan 2016

#Amazon has started #AWS Asia Pacific (Seoul) Region and start offering Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, and AWS Marketplace. Well done!

iZAP 17:36 - Fri Jan 2016

Testing some media But it is the Fact. #iZAP

iZAP 08:29 - Fri Jan 2016

#iZAP we believe designers can change the industry. Every design has scope to be improved. It just need the type...

iZAP 08:19 - Fri Jan 2016

This is an #Exceptional piece of an #Art by our Designer, Jagdeep. Amazing Job here.

iZAP 16:45 - Thu Jan 2016

2015. #iZAPPERS were full of enthusiasm and energy. We earned, US approach, #AWS Certification and lot more.

iZAP 16:34 - Thu Jan 2016

2015 Celebration at #Basant was really great. Congratulation to all #iZAP for their pay raises. Good luck for 2016

iZAP 16:24 - Thu Jan 2016

#iZAP, Some old memories which helps us to be #Energetic. We are hopping to get such #Trip again.

iZAP 16:17 - Thu Jan 2016

Route 53 Domain Registration service now supports who is privacy for organizations. #AWS #iZAP

iZAP 19:24 - Sun Jan 2016

We are hiring Freshers and Experienced #PHP programmers, Experienced .NET Programmers, Experienced #BD. Send your resume at

iZAP 18:48 - Sun Jan 2016

#iZAP first #AWS Certification. We are headed to provide more cloud services in future.

iZAP 16:37 - Fri Jan 2016