The Entertainer

Case Study

The Entertainer Me

  • Programming: PHP 5.5, Bash Scripts.
  • Database: Custom MySQL managed on RackSpace Cloud.
  • Framework: Yii Framework, It can manage all web pages from backend.
  • HTTP Server: Apache compiled with fast-cgi module.
  • Private Code Repo: BitBucket.
  • Project Management: Scrum, Redmine
  • DNS Server: Provided by domain controller.
  • Development Environment: Docker Based.
  • IAAS Vendor: RackSpace.
  • UI and UX: Foundation Framework, Jquery Framework.
  • UnitTest Coverage: No

The Entertainer me is a well established platform which helps their customers to make their travel easy. They are responsible to get deals from hotels to their client. They have web and mobile application. We have work on web parth. We have used YII Framework in this project which is doing pretty well. Technically we did not find any specific problem with this project. This script is serving well around the Globe