Case Study

Develop Environment with Docker

  • Platforms: CoreOS, Boot2Docker, VirtualBox, Natively installed Docker on Linux.
  • Built Containers: Elasticsearch, Gearman, MySQL, Redis, CometServer.
  • Programming: DockerFile, Bash Scripting.
  • Development Platform: Mac, Linux.

Docker is all about to build, ship and run distributed applications on distributed hardware resources. it gives the common toolbox to all engineers involved in the development process. We are using docker since 2014 as an important development tool. It can provide the power to build and ship your code n times a day with complete confidence. And rollback is really piece of cake. While implementing docker for our projects, our team did not find any difficulty.

We want to use Docker on production too. Currently there are number of players trying to nail docker containers through better communication channels. Google has introduced “Kubernetes”, Apache has introduced “Mesos” and Docker has introduced “Swarm” for orchestration of containers. Actually Kubernetes, Meson are built on the top of docker API. Since Docker community is very active in development so everyday with every new release they are extending Docker API and Hence platforms like Kubernetes getting more reliable and deeply integrated to refine inside of docker container’s monitoring.