Case Study

Club Medical Tours

  • Programming: PHP 5.5, Bash Scripts.
  • Database: Custom MySQL on EC2 Instance.
  • Framework: Yii Framework 2.0, It is highly based on RESTFul APIs.
  • HTTP Server: Apache compiled with fast-cgi module
  • Private Code Repo: GitHub.
  • Project Management: Scrum, Redmine.
  • DNS Server: Route53 aws services.
  • Development Environment: Docker Based.
  • IAAS Vendor: Amazon.
  • UI and UX: Bootstrap Framework, Jquery Framework, Angular Framework.
  • UnitTest Coverage: No

This is the project introducing medical tourism to the industry. Cool thing in this project is to make the script capable to run multiple domains with specific theme. All clinics can put their personal domain which help them to run their site under their specific domain. Except designing, We are providing rest of the services to this project. We are responsible for infrastructure implementation, Programming, QA. Currently this project is under high development phase And will be launched in month or so. Technically we haven’t find any difficulty to implement this job.